Fine Arts of Dr. Eugen Wagner

“I don’t say everything - but I paint everything.”*

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I was born in 1982 and traveled in 1990 with my family from Russia to Germany. 

Since then I’m on a journey of self definition and uniting the cultures, behaviors and arts of two worlds.  I’m working on combining Asias wisdom, philosophy and heritage with Europes discipline, knowledge and arts. 

Beside of fine arts I’m working on my physical development by training martial arts with my older sons George Lukas (born 2004) and Leonard Gabriel (born 2008) and running half marathons (21,1km).  

I’m training my pronunciation and Emotional Intelligence by reading bedtime stories with my younger son Maximilian (born 2015). 

My son William (born 2011), who is living with his mother in Moscow (Russia) always reminds me that for all of us - Europeans und Russians - it is essential to live a health relationship, peace and constant effort for mutual respect. 

To understand the world around me and the heritage we leave our children I’m reading and posting about our worlds environment and geopolitics in order to make this world more tangible and peaceful. Here I’m especially interested in the German - Russian history and relationship.  


Where you could have seen my arts 



  •  Inspiring and dedicated employees (Volkswagen Intranet Blog)
  • Most desired Illustrator (Ehrlich Verlag 2018) 
  • Dearest son-in-law (mother-in-law)




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